Church of England (Archbishop’s Council)

Church of England (Archbishop’s Council)


The Archbishops’ Council was established in 1999. The Council is a charity, set up in law to co-ordinate, promote, aid and further the work and mission of the Church of England. It does this by providing national support to the Church in dioceses and locally, working closely with the House of Bishops and other bodies of the Church. The Archbishops’ Council is one of the seven National Church Institutions. Their work includes: Providing national services to dioceses, parishes, cathedrals, schools etc., providing consultancy services, engagng people directly, especially through digital means



One of the council’s strategic objectives is to help dioceses and cathedrals to be most effective in their mission, by providing cost-effective national and specialist services and advice. The Council provides specialist services and support to churches and dioceses over a range of areas from the launch of contactless card readers to training and support for churches to help them use their social media and websites for digital evangelism and discipleship.


Another of the council’s strategic objectives is to operate the national governance arrangements

of the Church of England as cost-effectively as possible in pursuit of the Church’s mission. Efforts that have been made in this direction include changing rules and jurisdictions available to churches in their care in order for local owners to take better maintenance of their buildings.


Finally, another goal of the council is to be a Church that can provide a welcoming home for all people in England. The Archbishops’ Council is committed to diversity and welcome in the Church of England as one of its major goals – and the Church’s historic vocation to use its place at the heart of every community to

work for reconciliation, justice and the flourishing of all people.

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