Church Building Renewal Trust

Church Building Renewal Trust


The Church Buildings Renewal Trust (CBRT) is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. It was set up by the Glasgow City Council (GCC) in 1994 and is governed by its memorandum of association and articles association. Since 1994 the Memorandum of Association has been amended to better reflect the present-day objectives of the trust and how it operates.  The organisation’s main activities are Conservation, Education, and Community involvement.



The organization features case studies of several churches in Scotland.  The purpose of these case studies is to showcase good practices of conserving churches in Scotland.  The hope of this is that the good practices in these case studies will both inspire and motivate owners of other historical buildings to do the same with their buildings.


In addition to showcasing case studies, the organization operates an interactive map that locates many of Scotland’s churches.  These are churches that have worked with the organization and are found all over Scotland, from Glasgow, all the way to the outer Hebrides.

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