Centre for Religion and Heritage – Groningen University

Centre for Religion and Heritage – Groningen University


The Centre was established to promote scholarly exchange, train future professionals, advise external stakeholders, and engage in public outreach work in this topical and highly contested field. Its projects and events provide a resource for scholars and students, heritage organizations, and governments, as well as anyone interested in the connection between religion and heritage.

The CRH is the successor of the Institute for Christian Cultural Heritage, which has contributed to heritage work in the Netherlands over many years. Building on a long-term engagement with Christian heritage, the Centre draws on the research strengths of affiliated staff in ancient, Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist religious history as well as in theoretical investigations of the secularism and the post-secular.



As a research centre, they develop several research activities and later on publications, related to religious heritage; art, architecture and culture.  These publications can be found on their website.


They also organise several conferences throughout the year, gathering religious heritage experts from all over Europe, to share knowledge and insights related to the field.

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