Religiana aims to become the reference site in religious heritage – through effortless interlinking to other sites – and aims to become economically self-sustaining – through a small levy on donations.

Religiana encourages contributors to articulate their financial needs and users to make tax efficient on-line donations.

Religiana sets out to:

– Provide the general public with on-line multilingual information about:

•    Churches and other religious buildings, their history, architecture and contents;

•    Details of events and activities taking place within them;

•    Opening hours;

•    Church trails and pilgrimages.

– Help managers of individual churches and associated NGOs to:

•    Promote the interests or activities of their church or NGO;

•    Build virtual communities of interested individuals;

•    Receive on-line donations / Manage tax credits.

– Develop a single source of accurate up to date information about Europe’s religious heritage to:

•    Permit its systematic promotion to visitors via e.g. tour operators or guidebooks;

•    Provide factual evidence of the sector’s economic and social value

Religiana will:

•    Increase visitor numbers to the ‘Biggest Museum in Europe’;

•    Promote churches as centres of the local community and history;

•    Increase donations to places of worship by articulating needs and maximising fiscal benefits;

•    Provide the factual foundation for a convincing ‘Case for Churches’.

Find it on It is being piloted in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

•    The prototype is now functional;

•    The next step is to add content by ‘crowd sourcing’;

•    An initial ambition is to provide translations into English;

•    Thereafter, Religiana will be extended to other countries and regions.

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© Religiana is developed by FRH in partnership with national/regional partners.