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Future for Religious Heritage believes that articulating the value of our heritage will give more strength to recognise the wider significance of Europe.

Europe’s legacy through the lens of heritage and culture

Our heritage is a living tradition of Europe and we need your contribution to help raise awareness amongst Europeans of the rich heritage in their own environment, and encourage them to think about how society could benefit from the legacy faith and culture have left behind.

Masterpieces from Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Johann Sebastian Bach signify that religious heritage has always been close to European identity. Art and culture travel beyond time. The people of Europe have generated a culture, a set of ideas and ways of life, practices, and artefacts that have been handed down from generation to generation.

A recent EU-wide survey showed that 4 out of 5 Europeans regard religious heritage buildings essential for community life, and want to promote them to a secular audience. 79% of Europeans believe that they have a crucial part to play in the survival of their communities in the future.

While statistics provide mounting evidence that heritage and culture are having a tremendous impact on individuals and communities across Europe, nothing communicates this more succinctly than listening to these stories first hand.

Corresponding with the motto of the European Union – “United in diversity”, the Torch will illuminate with its memories the key role of our heritage through the centuries as a main aspect of European values.

Join us in the revival of our shared heritage and become part of building a bright future for Europe.

About the torch of culture and heritage

The history of Europe had a profound effect on our communities for centuries, and continues to play an integral part in community life today. In the run-up to the EYCH 2018, FRH has the pleasure, inspired by the Olympic Torch in Athens, to launch the “Torch Initiative”, to raise awareness and safeguard the importance of Europe’s rich religious heritage and culture.

The initiative will bring together diverse community groups with different cultures, traditions and languages in a unified and coordinated action to foster unity while celebrating Europe’s diversity.

The Torch will offer visibility and carry the messages of famous artists, musicians, politicians and European citizens who will help rediscover the value of our shared heritage as a symbol of unity on which Europe was built.

Ministers of Culture from each EU member state will be invited to take part in the initiative, along the countries’ scientists, artists, refugees/immigrants, civilians.

The movement of the Torch across Europe will be traced on a LIVE interactive map that will provide a record of all countries and cities through which it has travelled. The initiative will kick off on the 8th of January in Leeuwarden/The Netherlands and travel through Europe during the year, it will end at FRH’s Conference in Paris in October 2018 where it will be handed to the European Commissioner of Culture.

What is next

Please send your input, memory, story or experience, preferably in a digital or handwritten letter, to Your participation will be reviewed and published accordingly.