Religious heritage preservation needs your help. Your donation will help us reap the benefits from our shared European legacy by getting the issue on the political agenda, and exploring both the relevance and benefits for the European identity in the context of religious heritage.

Currently, there is lack of enough financial resources to open the necessary debate surrounding religious heritage on the European level.

The topic of religious heritage echoes in everyone’s mind because every religion has cultural monuments and places of worship.

Your donation will go towards:

  • Successful promotion of religious heritage and communication.
  • Good exchange of information, ideas and best practices to further protect.
  • religious heritage and safeguard career possibilities in the sector.
  • Bridge the knowledge gap between the state of religious heritage and common European policy.

• either by regular bank transfer to
IBAN : BE97 3631 2053 3149
• or via

Please include your name and invoice number as reference.
Please note cheques are not accepted.