United Kingdom: save the spires!

United Kingdom: save the spires!

The National Churches Trust announced that it’s making a great effort  with its new campaign, “Save our spires”.

The British charity has launched a domestic fundraising appeal, asking the public to dip into their pockets to restore spires in danger.

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Save Our Spires from National Churches Trust on Vimeo.

Church spires are a key feature of the UK’s landscape. It’s no surprise that many people’s favourite churches have spires, including Joanna Lumley OBE, whose favourite church is St Bride’s in the City of London, the inspiration for tiered wedding cakes, and Michael Palin, one of whose favourite churches is St John’s Church in Ranmoor which has the tallest spire in Sheffield.

Thanks to the generosity of its supporters, in the last three years the National Churches Trust  has been able to help fund repairs to 17 spires in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“Now, through our ‘Save our Spires’ appeal, we want to be able to continue to work with congregations and other funders to help repair more of the UK’s church spires. I also hope that in cities, towns and villages where spires are at risk, people of all faiths and none will support the fundraising efforts of local churches seeking to repair these amazing architectural achievements so that they can be enjoyed by our children and children’s children.”

Church spires were often built as an attempt to get as close to Heaven as possible. Sadly, these days many are in danger of going in the other direction.

Over the last three years, the National Churches Trust has funded repairs to 17 spires in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, investing over £370,000 in their future.

However, Historic England’s ‘Heritage at Risk’ register, published last year, shows that over 40 churches require urgent attention to their spires. You can find details of these churches on an online map.

And many church spires in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are also in need of major repair.

That’s why The National Churches Trust needs to raise another £250,000.

A photography contest

The Charity is also holding a photography competition which allows the public to show why the spires are such an important part of the UK’s landscape.

The overall winner will receive a £250 cash prize (kindly donated by a Friend of the National Churches Trust), to be shared with the church featured in the winning photo. There will be other prizes as well, including a ticket for a special tour of St Paul’s Cathedral, with afternoon tea in the Crypt Cafe included.

The photos will be showcased on Facebook and the winners will be announced in early October 2015.

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