UK – Wales faith tourism action plan

UK – Wales faith tourism action plan

The Faith Tourism Action Plan will aim to identify ways in which this significant part of our heritage can be enhanced as an attraction to visitors and locals alike. This action plan will focus on developing the Faith Tourism product as part of the wider visitor experience, although there could be scope to develop the niche religious tourism market where visitors travel for a religious purpose.

This action plan will use a broad interpretation of Faith Tourism under the following definition:Faith Tourism in Wales refers to places of faith and sacred sites (including the people and narratives connected to them and the landscape that surrounds them), which inspire and enhance visits to, and within, Wales.

The Faith Tourism action plan is written for two key stakeholder groups:

l The tourism sector and related agencies who establish and lead tourism strategies: Visit Wales as the lead agency in relation to the visitor economy in Wales, the Regional Tourism Partnerships (RTPs), Local Authority Tourism Departments, Destination Management Partnerships across Wales, National Parks and other protected areas, Wales Tourism Alliance, Ramblers and other amenity groups, Cadw, The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales (RCAHMW), National Museum Wales and other heritage bodies.

l Faith groups, particularly the leaders of the major faiths and interest groups from within the faiths.

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