Scotland: ‘Scots Jews’ photo exhibition

Scotland: ‘Scots Jews’ photo exhibition

A photography exhibition created by Michael Mail on contemporary Scottish Jewish life is currently touring Scotland under the title ‘Tartan Arts’

Jewish and Muslim pupils studying the Torah together in a religious education class at Calderwood Lodge Primary School, the only Jewish Primary School in Scotland. Although a third of its pupils are non-Jewish, the school’s curriculum emphasises the study of Hebrew and Jewish culture.

The Scottish Jewish community dates back to the 1700s and has contributed significantly to Scotland, yet not a lot is known about it. The exhibition seeks to redress this, with images from across the country reflecting a diverse Jewish community maintaining its traditions while fully embracing Scottish life. The exhibition was launched at the Scottish Parliament in February 2014 in the presence of First Minister Alex Salmond, and is now touring Scotland, while a parallel exhibition tours internationally. The exhibition is currently at the Aberdeen Central Library until the end of December and it will then move to the Street Level Gallery in Glasgow from February.

The leading publishers Bloomsbury has produced a fine art book of photographs to accompany the exhibition, see here.

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