UK: National report Heritage Counts 2014

UK: National report Heritage Counts 2014

This year’s edition of ‘Heritage Counts’ provides an overview of research on the value and impact of heritage.

By bringing together evidence, historic environment professionals and those with an interest in heritage can better understand and demonstrate the value of the historic environment and its impact on factors including growth, the economy, our wellbeing and sense of place.

Promoting the new route on The Coleridge Way © Steve Guscott, Exmoor National Park Authority

‘Heritage Counts’ 2014 explores the value of heritage by looking at three key areas:

Levels of heritage participation and perceptions of heritage among members of the public.
Different types of heritage impact: Individual, Community and Economic
The ways in which economists have tried to quantify the overall value that people place on heritage
Download the full reports for the research above from the Value and Impact of Heritage page.


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