The Netherlands: Manifestation – Stilte aan het Werk (Silence at Work)

The Netherlands: Manifestation – Stilte aan het Werk (Silence at Work)

ESK Chapel in EIndhoven

13 April – 27 May

The manifestation, Stilte aan het Werk (Silence at Work), will demonstrate how contemporary silent experiences can be designed, in the ESK Chapel in EIndhoven, from 13 April. At the core of this manifestation is the stilte proefruimte (silent test space), a silent space inspired by the values and experiences of the user. The space is open to visitors until 27 May and offers a place to those seeking a moment of rest, or, who are interested in new forms of silent experiences.

Manifestation stimulates dialogue on the reuse of churches as rest spaces 

The manifestation is connected to the current debate on re-use of religious property. WIth the silent test space, the project focuses its attention on the needs of possible users, rather than the conditions laid out by the religious community, church board and councils. To complete this manifestation, the Werkplaats van de Stilte (SIlence Workshop) will publish its recommendations and conditions for the design of a silent space.

Experience silence alone, but also with others 
The creative team from Silence at Work is made up of architect Liz Dewitte, designer Jennifer Bruinendaal,  artist Jan Dams and light designer Nadine van Amersvoort.  Their design has taken into account important moments during which visitors can experience a silent experience; in a meditative spot, but also while entering or being in the presence of others. In the framework of the manifestation there will be a silence themed lecture every Saturday, where silence will be considered from different standpoints. There will also be a silent café where visitors have the opportunity to record their experience as part of the research.

The manifestation will open officially with a lecture by Erik Borgman (professor Theology at the University of Tilburg) with the title Relief from an overcrowded world. On the desire for silence. The lecture will take place in the Eindhoven Student Chapel on 13 April. Doors open at 3.30pm.

See the leaflet in Dutch.

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