The National Museum of Denmark

The National Museum of Denmark


The National Museum of Denmark (Nationalmuseet) in Copenhagen is Denmark’s largest museum of cultural history, comprising of the histories of both Danish and foreign cultures, alike. The museum’s main building is located just a short distance away from Strøget in the centre of Copenhagen. The museum is a time-machine with exhibits including artefacts from the Vikings, Egyptian mummies, and even a hash stall from Christiania.

Some of the most famous finds from ancient times can be found in the National Museum. It is the home to many national treasures like the bronze age Sun Chariot, the only object of its kind in the whole world. You have the chance to see more exciting and extraordinary exhibits like a treasure trove from a wealthy medieval family and an authentic Victorian home from 1890.



The museum also includes a children’s museum.  Here, children of all ages can come face to face with world-famous Vikings who took trips to the most remote parts of the world. They can also see the treasures brought by explorers from their wild adventures and curiosities from unknown places.


With its exhibitions and unique objects, the National Museum opens up a different learning space.  Students can feel the weight of a medieval sword, let their fingers slip over ancient stone axe, or be adorned with a cross. Classes at the National Museum are organized for kindergartens, primary schools, secondary education, and language schools.


They also have a renowned Conservation Department which conducts many restoration and conservation projects relating to both the museum’s own collections and external ones. Work is carried out in close collaboration with the clients, from the planning stages to carrying out the work itself, in order to satisfy the customer’s particular needs and ensure the optimal result.


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