The Archdiocese of Prague

The Archdiocese of Prague


The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Prague is a metropolitan Catholic archdiocese of the Latin Rite in the Czech Republic.  The seat of the archdiocese is St. Vitus Cathedral, in the Czech capital of Prague, situated inside the Prague Castle complex. Monsignor Dominik Duka, O.P. is the current archbishop.

Founded on April 30, 1344, it is the oldest diocese in the Czech Republic.  It includes the dioceses of České Budějovice, Hradec Králové, Litoměřice and Plzeň. The Archbishop of Prague is also the primate, the formal head of the Catholic Church in the Czechia.

In addition to performing traditional religious duties, the archdiocese is very active in the preservation of Czechia’s religious heritage.  They are also very active in developing social projects in Czechia.  Lastly, they offer several education opportunities in the field of theology.



The church oversees the maintenance of several pilgrimage sites throughout the country.  There are approximately 17 pilgrimage sites.


The main focus of the Diocesan Conservation centre is to take care of mostly moveable objects of cultural significance in the church’s possession.  Many of these objects go out on loans to various museums, exhibitions, and galleries around the world.  The conservation centre is also responsible for many immovable objects such as frescoes and the archbishop’s palace.


A large part of the archdiocese’s activities includes the maintenance of the natural forests of Czechia.  They work in close cooperation with forest owners to ensure that many of the country’s forests are protected and open to the public in a sustainable way.

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