SWEDEN – Conference ‘Risk Management and Cultural Heritage Conservation’, 1-3 December 2014

SWEDEN – Conference ‘Risk Management and Cultural Heritage Conservation’, 1-3 December 2014


From the Conference page:

Risk management in cultural heritage is not just about managing catastrophic, rare events, but also about the management of slow degrading processes, conservations approaches and sustainability in the care of cultural heritage. How can we manage different faces of threats which can lead to that we lose something that we see valuable and significant? The focus of risk management is value – what is it one risks losing?

 The conference “Risk Management and Cultural Heritage Conservation” will introduce international models, methods and tools of risk management  and value assessment that can be applied in cultural heritage work. Moreover, case studies will illustrate how risk management can be used in practice for historic building as churches, sites and museum.

The conference is aimed at anyone working with cultural heritage or involved in risk prevention. For example in the , county councils, church organizations, museums, curators, conservators. The last conference day offer five different workshops:

  • Vibration risk for building related art
  • Risk based approaches to collection care
  • The value pie: Assessing the relative value of heritage assets and their components for risk management purposes
  • Iintegrated pest management
  • Technical solutions as a tool for risk mitigation in museums and historic buildings.

The conference language is mixed between English, Swedish and Norwegian (see program). A limited number of tickets are available for student to a reduced price. In case of interested please contact the coordinators by e-mail below.

The conference is being organized by The Swedish National Heritage Board, The University of Gothenburg, Disent AB, and Konserveringsateljé syd AB. The project has received financial support from The National Heritage Board’s Research and Development Fund.

Link to conference program

Link to registration

Questions please contact: erika.hedhammar@raa.se or gabriella.ericson@raa.se

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