Spazio Kor will “run for heritage” on 21 October

Spazio Kor will “run for heritage” on 21 October

FRH and Spazio Kor have organised in collaboration a new Run for Heritage, the fifth this year, to take young people in Asti, Italy, on a tour of their local religious heritage.

The Run for Heritage will take place on 21 October and will gather a group of 20 boys and girls who are currently learning about urban reuse at the School of Architecture for Children (SouX). A second group of 10 students participating in an active citizenship programme will also join the activity.

The route of this Run for Heritage includes both, religious buildings in use and repurposed buildings that are now used as cultural venues. Participants will visit a total of six religious sites: the Church of San Secondo, the Cathedral, and St Anna’s Church (current places of worship); the Diocesan Museum, Spazio Kor and Diavolo Rosso (repurposed).

Stay tuned!


Run for Heritage is an initiative by FRH combining culture and sports to engage the younger generation in the protection of their local religious heritage sites which often go overlooked. More information here.

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