SPAIN – Documenting forgotten religious architecture

SPAIN – Documenting forgotten religious architecture

Four architects from Valladolid have published a book, “Las Ruinas de Dios. Arquitectura religiosa olvidada en la Provincia de Valladolid”, documenting the forgotten religious architecture in that province.

The publication is the result of intensive field work, and collects multiple sources of documentation. Subjects include (the abandonment of) parish churches, sanctuaries, monasteries and convents, which are documented with the help of the Laboratorio de Fotogrametría Arquitectónica of the Valladolid university ‘before they disappear completely’. The book documents even those structures so badly damaged their original flour plan is hard to ascertain; in some case local inhabitants provided oral information about the original situation of lost buildings. Photographic images, architectural surveys and sketches complete this information.

Read the detailed article in Spanish here.

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