ROMANIA – Wooden Churches in World Monuments Watch Day, Sep 20

ROMANIA – Wooden Churches in World Monuments Watch Day, Sep 20

Orthodox Wooden Churches in Northern Oltenia and Southern Transylvania to participate in World Monuments WATCH DAY on September 20

Watch Day, A Biennial Cultural Heritage Celebration, Sees Gatherings At Dozens Of Sites Around The World Throughout 2014

Press release by the Pro Patrimonio foundation:

“Urși, Vâlcea County, Romania. On September 20, a collection of historic wooden Orthodox churches in northern Oltenia and southern Transylvania will participate in the 2014 World Monuments Watch Day, a series of celebratory and educational events supported by World Monuments Fund (WMF) held throughout 2014 at cultural heritage sites included on the 2014 World Monuments Watch.
            WMF President Bonnie Burnham stated: “Watch Day is an opportunity for communities around the world to engage with sites on the World Monuments Watch in their midst. We are happy to be able to support the activities undertaken at these events and hope they foster a greater appreciation for these important places.”
            A large number of traditional wooden churches survive in Romania’s northern Oltenia and southern Transylvania region. The churches tend to be modest vernacular structures in small communities, with most dating to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries but some even older. In recent decades, many churches have been abandoned due to their small capacity and lack of amenities like electricity and heating. As a result, many are in an advanced state of decay. Watch Day will consist of guided site visits to some of the churches, crafts workshops, a restoration demonstration, and a traditional lunch.”


See the full invitation here.

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