PROSECUW project – Protecting and Securing our Places of Worship

PROSECUW project – Protecting and Securing our Places of Worship

The Center for Social Innovation – CSI, is an organisation based in Cyprus, focusing on developing and introducing disruptive solutions to systemic social, education and economic problems, with the purpose to systematically and systemically have an impact in the social fabric of our society, to allow, encourage and facilitate a better quality of life in the community. 

As part of the efforts for the empowerment of the community by CSI, the organisation focuses on the implementation of European-funded projects on social innovation, social justice, protection and security with the aim to counteract radicalization. PROSECUWPROtection and SECUrity for places of Worship is one of them. 

Welcome to the PROSECUW project!

Places of worship around Europe and the world are, according to recent reports, in increased danger in the last years due to terrorist attacks and an augmentation of hate crimes. These places serve not only individuals but also families and people in need. Thus, it is essential they be able to feel safe in such places and this should be a top priority among local and national stakeholders. One of the various ways to improve protection and security in places of worship is the engagement of the community in the protection efforts. 

This is where PROSECUW project comes in action, a 2-year (May 2021 – April 2023) European project funded by the Internal Security Fund Police (ISFP) of the European Commission, aiming to establish cooperation between public authorities and faith-based leaders and congregations aiming at a better understanding of security threats, promotion of awareness raising activities and the creation of manuals for sharing best practices and relevant tools among EU stakeholders.

The project consists of 5 expert partners from 4 countries: Center for Social Innovation (CSI) – PROSECUW Project Coordinator, from Cyprus; Akademie Klausenhof (AK), from Germany; Lusofona University (COFAC/ULHT), from Portugal; Center for Ecumenical, Missiological and Environmental Studies – Metropolitan Panteleimon Papageorgiou (CEMES), from Greece; and Research and Education in Social Empowerment and Transformation (RESET), from Cyprus.

The activities and deliverables of the project include:

The PROSECUW documentary ‘The Divinity of Oneness’

The PROSECUW documentary ‘The Divinity of Oneness’, a searing exposé of the stories shared by victims of religious hate crimes in Germany, Greece, Portugal, and Cyprus. It provides answers to key issues about the escalating destruction of sacred sites and places of worship, the rise in hate of ‘the other’, as well as what is required to establish a society of interreligious respect and acceptance. Using a multi-angle approach, ranging from theological, intellectual, spiritual, and civic perspectives, the documentary triggers a journey of self-reflection, critical thought, and open heartedness. The documentary aims to empower the communities to feel safer to share their stories and report such crimes. The documentary will be included in the PROSECUW specialised training courses (described below) that would enhance understating of the safety concerns and cooperation for their resolution. 


The documentary was created by CSI and RESET, produced in collaboration with Filmhouse Pictures. 

The premiere took place in Limassol, Cyprus, on the 4th August 2022, and included the screening, a panel discussion and a networking event. The Divinity of Oneness was proudly chosen as one of the documentaries of the 17th Lemesos International Documentary Festival 2022. In its 17th year, this exclusive festival reopened its cinematic horizons by screening in a world-Cypriot premiere award-winning creative documentaries that stood out during the festival year, from the world’s film production.

The documentary will hold premiere screenings in all partner countries in November 2022 and will be publicly and freely available on the PROSECUW Official YouTube channel from January 2023 onwards. 

The PROSECUW specialised training course 

The partnership, comprised by experts and academics on the topic of protection and security for places of worship, developed a specialised training course, containing 4 Modules covering the most essential elements for an effective collaboration of the community to counteract radicalisation and protect and protect places of worship. 

Module 1: Understanding and Defining the Terms

Module 2: Existing Policies and Best Practices

Module 3: Creating Hubs and Synergies

Module 4: Building Confidence and Strengthening Communities

A series of training activities will be implemented in all partner countries from January 2023 until March 2023, including the implementation of the training course, a screening of the documentary, and the demonstration of the hub, activities which will enhance the understating of the safety concerns and the development of cooperation for their resolution. The training course is also available online for free on the PROSECUW official website for all interested users.


One of the means to achieve effective and sustainable cooperation among key stakeholders and target groups for the protection and security for places of worship, as well as inter-religious respect, is through the creation of a Hub, a local, European and cross-sectoral network that favors and facilitates the joint work of various specialists and stakeholders among the four European PROSECUW partnership countries (Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Germany) and beyond. The PROSECUW Hub is intended to produce new knowledge, awareness, and develop greater capacity for action and prevention, for religious leaders, law enforcement agents, academic researchers, NGOs and local associations, municipalities and policy makers on the protection and security at places of worship. 

The PROSECUW Hub, will be ready from January 2023 onwards, and interested parties are welcome to freely register to the Hub from November 2022 onwards. Interested parties who wish to become members of the Hub, can contact the PROSECUW Project Coordinator at

The PROSECUW ‘Best Practices and Policy Recommendations

In April 2023 and after the completion of the main project results, a best practice guide, including policy recommendations based on the training activities and piloting will be set to be shared EU-wide.

The PROSECUW International Conference

In April 2023, the PROSECUW International Conference will take place in Nicosia, Cyprus, with the aim to gather experts, academics, religious leaders, the CSO community, policy makers, public authorities, security agents and the widen community, at an international level, inviting them to an open discussion on the crucial topic of the protection and security of our places of worship in the European community. The conference will provide a fertile ground for collaboration among the participants, new synergies, exchange of best practices, strategic partnerships and new innovative ideas, through a series of workshops, panel discussions, presentations and a post-conference networking event. 

Interested parties who wish to attend the Conference for free, can contact the PROSECUW Project Coordinator at  


The PROSECUW project in the short and medium term will benefit religious leaders and law enforcement agents through the training sessions and exchange of a best practices guide internationally and in the long term it aims to increase protection of thousands of congregants in Europe. The implementation of the project leads to strengthened protection measures in religious establishments and better responses to religion-based hate crimes, increases the number of the reported attacks that the last few years are under-reported and eventually addresses security concerns at places of worship.

Panayiota Constanti

CSI Senior Project Manager and PROSECUW Coordinator

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