Open Churches

Open Churches

Open Churches is an organisation created 12 years ago in Belgium, encompassing a network of more than 400 open and welcoming churches. It also operates in Luxembourg and the North and North-East of France.

For decades many churches and religious buildings are closing or are being abandoned. These places are buildings with hundreds of years of history, that are not only places of worship but also a reflection of the history of humanity. Nowadays many churches are closed for fear of vandalism and theft. As they don’t have the financial support to put a system to prevent acts of theft or vandalism in place, they are forced to close them.

Open Churches believes that churches are of the public domain and they should be open for visitors, not just for religious purposes, but as the village centre, a representation of social life, a cultural space and a touristic site.

Open Churches encourages churches to become a welcoming and open space for visitors while respecting the places of worship. As an organisation their main goals are to;

  • Empower religious heritage and make it accessible for local population
  • Create the correct atmosphere and instrument that will help the visitor discovers the richness of our religious heritage
  • Organise social activities, such as concerts and exhibitions to bring people closer to religious heritage and involve them in it’s safeguarding

Visit the Open Churches map now to discover exceptional sites near you!

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