In Recognition of FRH’s Founding President – Olivier de Rohan-Chabot

In Recognition of FRH’s Founding President – Olivier de Rohan-Chabot

“The world’s religious heritage could very well be its most significant heritage. What it has given to Europe intellectually and artistically makes it immensely attractive to the rest of the world. FRH’s mission is to make Europeans more conscious of what they owe to their unique religious heritage and with it the will to keep it alive.” – Olivier de Rohan-Chabot

FRH would like to recognise the hard work and dedication of one of its most esteemed and extraordinary members, former president, and founding member, Olivier de Rohan-Chabot.  Olivier currently the president of La Sauvegarde de l’Art Français, France’s leading charity protecting religious heritage, which celebrates its 100th year anniversary in 2021. A large part of FRH’s success can be attributed to the hard work and leadership displayed by Olivier.

Coming from the region of Brittany in France, Olivier began his career in Marketing. In 1987, he became president of the Society of Friends of Versailles, which supports restoration work and encourages tourism at the palace of Versailles. In 2005, he became the president of La Sauvegarde de l’Art Français. He also became a founding Vice-Président of les Amis de l’Hôtel de la Marine, as well as co-founder of La Fondation du Patrimoine, France’s largest non-state heritage funder.

In 2010, Olivier became one of the founding members of Future for Religious Heritage as well as its first president from its official founding in 2011 until 2019. One of Olivier’s largest projects towards the protection of Europe’s religious heritage was the “Le Plus Grand Musée De France” (The Largest Museum in France) campaign which raised over 120k euros for the restoration of several priceless works of European heritage. During Olivier’s presidency, FRH was able to establish itself as Europe’s largest non-faith, not-for-profit European network of over 170 heritage organisations, academics, experts, and professionals dedicated to the safeguarding of Europe’s religious heritage.

The FRH Council would like to express their gratitude for the hard work and dedication of Olivier to supporting FRH on its 10th year anniversary. The leadership he displayed in establishing FRH as a successful European network will forever be immortalized in the future achievements of FRH in its future. Olivier currently serves as president of FRH member, La Sauvegarde de l’Art Français, and is part of the FRH Founder’s circle.

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