NORWAY – Sounding the alarm about cultural heritage

NORWAY – Sounding the alarm about cultural heritage


Nobody knows exactly what cultural heritage Norway has, making it hard to protect and preserve it. The Ministry of Climate and Environment aims to have a map listing all heritage buildings by 2020, but is that feasible? The Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen has interviewed the Secretary General of the Ancient Monuments Society (Fortidsminneforeningen), Ola Fjeldheim, about what is at stake.

He says that more responsibility has been placed on local authorities in recent years, but many municipalities are not equipped to take on this responsibility.

Furthermore, although municipalities are expected to create a ‘heritage plan’, they are under no obligation to follow it up, says department manager at the national heritage directorate (Riksantikvaren), Annette Bruskeland Amundsen.

Read the full article in Norwegian here.


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