Lindblad, Henrik “Changing Cities – Changing Churches”

Lindblad, Henrik “Changing Cities – Changing Churches”

“What happens to cultural heritage values when the use of churches transforms from traditional to contemporary diverse religious or secular and the congregation changes or diminishes with new groups visiting the churches?

What tools are there for assessing changing values and how can traditional and new stakeholders be identified and involved in these assessments?

How can assessed values be integrated in management planning to support development of the churches?

Can heritage values of churches function as assets for local urban socio-economic and cultural development and improvement of quality of life, without reducing those values? 

Can the Great church’s heritage values be used as resources to improve the congregation’s economy, without making negative impacts on the integrity of the church and the identity of the congregation?”

Read the full article, by Henrik Lindblad, Cultural Heritage Analyst, Church of Sweden.

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