LEARN-IP – Intellectual Property Rights and Geographical Indication Training for Cultural Heritage and Cultural Tourism

LEARN-IP – Intellectual Property Rights and Geographical Indication Training for Cultural Heritage and Cultural Tourism

Between September 2020 and February 2023, two FRH members – the Lebaniego Centre for Studies thorugh the Regional Society for Education, Culture and Sport of Cantabria (SRECD), Spain and APT Bucovina, Romania – are partners in a European consortium to implement the project LEARN-IP, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, under the coordination of Kultur und Arbeit e.V. from Germany.

Until now, the management of intellectual property rights has hardly found its way into the education and training of cultural heritage managers and tourism professionals, as it is considered a highly complex and difficult topic. In some cases, the registration of rights entails costs, which are particularly discouraged by smaller institutions and self-employed persons. This is all the more regrettable because intellectual property rights can also generate additional revenue if they are recognised as value and managed accordingly. Learn-IP shows the way to do this and offers valuable help and instructions.

Currently, information on property rights is disseminated in different legal requirements, making it difficult for actors in cultural heritage and tourism to have access to the necessary knowledge. Moreover, the assessment and interpretation of regulations are even difficult for experts.

LEARN-IP project developed an online training program that uses digital technologies to support cultural heritage and cultural tourism stakeholders in recognizing intellectual property rights and verifying their relevance to their products and services. This program aims at developing skills among cultural, religious and creative tourism professionals, cultural workers and cultural/religious heritage managers for understanding and using Intellectual Property Rights for protection and valorization.

The training program consists in 7 training modules and acts as an online “guided tour” through IPR regulations and indicates what can be done to legally protect your property, expertise and knowledge. It provides transparency in a field that for many representatives of cultural heritage and cultural tourism is still a no man’s land. The training is also showing when professional help is recommended.

All modules are created by the European LEARN-IP team of intellectual property legal experts, business developers, vocational training providers, and players in creative industries, cultural heritage, and cultural tourism sectors based in five European countries: Germany, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and North Macedonia. They can be accessed by using the interactive LEARN-IP e-learning platform: https://moodle.learn-ip.eu/

More information about the project are available on https://learn-ip.eu/

By Lacramioara Beilic, FRH Council member

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