Kloster Zscheiplitz

Kloster Zscheiplitz


In 1985, the monastery church of Zscheiplitz was in a catastrophic state and was decaying. Despite the lack of funds, the monks decided to dedicate themselves to the restoration of the monastery.  Thanks to their hard work, the monastery was opened again on 13th November 1994.  Today the monastery is alive and well and very active in their community.  The monastery offers opportunities for tourism, religious services, and frequently holds concerts in its monastery church of St. Boniface.



After the restoration of the monastery church of St. Boniface, several concerts were held in the chapel.  Today, many concerts of all kinds can be enjoyed in this chapel.  Many live performances have taken advantage of the wonderful acoustics that can be found inside the monastery church.  The music played here is mostly classical, but musicians of all genres are welcomed.


The monastery is a site of great historical importance and represents a rich religious heritage.  The monastery offers guided tours of the church grounds for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.  These guided tours are a great educational opportunity for locals and visitors alike to learn about the history and significance that this monastery has.

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