Join us for the Open Churches Days 2018!

Join us for the Open Churches Days 2018!

Open Churches, Member of FRH, are organising the 11th edition of Open Churches Heritage Days!

The event will take place on 2-3 June 2018 throughout the whole of Belgium, Luxembourg, two regions in France and the South of the Netherlands.

This year’s theme, “The many faces of heritage“, wants to tell the human story behind the bricks and stones, the many hands which built and shaped the churches through the ages, the congregations that gathered there to celebrate their key moments, the legends of patron saints, the many volunteers striving to manage and preserve the churches, ancient rituals and human efforts behind these special buildings. Open Churches also wish to highlight the people and characters depicted in the many works of art which these churches contain.

FRH Torch at Open Churches Days

Future for Religious Heritage will proudly take part in the Open Churches event at the millennial church of Our Lady of Mont-Devant-Sassey on 2 June 2018. This exceptional site built in the Argonne foothills in the 11th and 12th centuries will host the FRH Torch Initiative, travelling around Europe between January and October 2018 to gather personal stories and messages related to religious heritage.

Open Churches’ 10th anniversary

As 2018 also marks Open Churches’ 10th birthday, the network celebrated by organising a musical and visual show at the Saint-Matin church in Arlon on 23-24 March 2018. Song, music, light and dance… “On the move“, telling the centuries-old tales of worshipers, their churches and chapels.

The Open Churches network gathers over 390 religious sites and welcomes an astounding number of 90 000 visitors. The foundation wishes to reclaim the welcoming space of churches to make it accessible to all.


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