Italy to promote religious tourism during the Jubilee

Italy to promote religious tourism during the Jubilee

In an interview with the national newspaper “Avvenire,” the Italian Minister for Culture, Mr. Dario Franceschini said that the extraordinary Jubilee announced by Pope Francis will be very important for religious tourism. According to the Minister, that event will be a moment of faith and prayer, but also a way to promote the cultural heritage in Italy, as the Via Francingena and other pilgrims routes like the path of San Francesco and the City of Assisi. The Camino di Santiago de Compostela could be a good example to follow.

Colosseo, Rome, Italy – Picture by Willian West

Walking along those routes, pilgrims could enjoy the beauty and learn more about Italy’s history and art.

But even before the Holy Father announced the Jubilee, the Minister said, “we were already organizing new itineraries of faith and culture aimed to promote regions such as Tuscany, Umbria and Apulia”.

The pilgrims will visit Rome and its historical Basilicas, but also little churches, sanctuaries, little villages and new lanscapes.

Mr Franceschini was interviewed by Vincenzo Spagnolo, a prominent Italian journalist.

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