ITALY – Participate in session on abandoned churches!

ITALY – Participate in session on abandoned churches!

Call for participation for a session, which will discuss the different ways how to deal with abandoned churches in Europe during the CORP conference in Rome 2013

During the 18th International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society GeoMultimedia 2013 there will be a workshop session, led by the chair for “Regional Planning and Building in Rural Areas “of Prof. Gothe at the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). The proposed aim of the session is to extend the views how we deal with abandoned churches towards the European scale and to exchange the different methods and perspectives.

We plan for each participant a short presentation (15- 20 min) about the situation in their country, the recent developments and maybe a perspective towards the future. To finish the workshop we plan a round table discussion with all participants, which might be joined by a member of the Catholic Church.

If you are interested to participate in this workshop feel free to contact Stefan Netch ( for further information about the session, procedure and conference. For the conference see also

Download Pdf with more information on the topic!

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