Ilsenburg (Germany) will “run for heritage” on 29 June 2023

Ilsenburg (Germany) will “run for heritage” on 29 June 2023

The Run for Heritage campaign arrives for the first time in Germany with a new and exciting activity that will invite children from the little town of Ilsenburg on a pilgrimage trail to discover the monastic heritage in their region.

This Run for Heritage has been organised in partnership with the Harz tourism association/Harz monasteries and the collaboration of Drübeck Monastery, Ilsenburg Monastery, the Evangelical Elementary School of Ilsenburg, the city of Ilsenburg and its Tourism Department and Klosterland e.V..

The activity will take place on 29 June and will bring together around 40 students from the 3rd and 4th grades of the Evangelical Elementary School of Ilsenburg who will walk a “path of encounter” from Ilsenburg monastery to Drübeck monastery. The trail is 3.5 km long and will teach them about the monastic culture of the Harz region, its philosophy, values and rituals.

Before starting, the children will enjoy a “monastic breakfast” in the 12th century Romanesque monastery of Ilsenburg. Along the way, they will discover the history of these monasteries and test what they have learnt in fun quizzes. Finally, they will be rewarded with a picnic and special awards at the Drübeck monastery.

The Harz Monastery Trail

The trail chosen for this Run for Heritage was originally the beginning of the Harz Monastery Trail in 2005. Today, this short stage of about 3.5 km is part of a longer route of 95 km that passes through the beautiful Harz towns of Goslar, Ilsenburg, Wernigerode and Quedlinburg. The trail is divided into six stages with scenic sights that can be experienced and hiked in a relaxed manner in a cultural landscape steeped in history.

More information on the Harz Monastery Trail:

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Run for Heritage is an initiative by FRH combining culture and sports to engage the younger generation in the protection of their local religious heritage sites which often go overlooked. More information here.

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