GERMANY – first ‘highway church’ in Berlin

GERMANY – first ‘highway church’ in Berlin


In Zeestow (Havelland), just 800 meters removed from the Brieselang exit, the first Autobahnkirche (‘highway church’) on the ring road around Berlin has opened its doors.

The church building, from the mid-19th century, had been out of use for decades, and was in a very poor state when the Kirchenkreis Falkensee started its renovation five years ago. the FAK contributed to financing the restorations. The church has been decorated with paintings by the Berlin painter Volker Stelzmann.

The so-called Autobahnkirchen are a way of reaching the contemporary public, which is always underway. Autobahnkirchen are conceived as ‘gasoline stations for the soul’, and are expected to contribute to safer driving, says the German Automobilclub Kraftfahrer-Schutz.

Read more in German in the FAK-newsletter.

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