Germany: Conference on sustainability of sacred spaces

Germany: Conference on sustainability of sacred spaces

Mid-January a 3-day conference titled ‘Stakeholder synergies surrounding sacred space. Convergence of multi- and transdisciplinary approaches concerning sacred space sustainability’ will take place in Bonn, Germany. The conference aims at enlarging expert knowledge on the issue of the use and conversion of sacred spaces.

It is felt that although debate in Germany and beyond has been ongoing for quite some time already, satisfactory results have not yet been attained. That is not only due to the complexity of the issue, but as well as to lack of methodological expertise in the field.

The Bonner Seminar of Liturgical Science has therefore started to tackle this problem. The conference follows a recent book publication and two seminars on the same topic and is planned to lead to a more in-depth research project later on.

Apart from various presentations that will focus on formulating criteria for the future use of sacred spaces and an interactive case study, there is also room reserved for poster presentations from participants. In case you have done research on or are part of an organisation or project that is about the future of sacred space, you are very welcome to contribute it at the conference.

Conference languages are German and English. E-mail registration required on until 10/01/16 at the latest.


More information about the poster presentations

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