GERMANY – Church vs. Wind turbines

GERMANY – Church vs. Wind turbines

Archiv Fuerstenfeldbrucker Tagblatt

In Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany, citizens are protesting against plans for the installation of wind turbines in their region. While the administrative court quickly dismissed their complaints, it has not yet been able to dismiss those of the church curate of the St. Sebastian in Puch. The question is whether the planned wind turbine will deface the monumental church, 1.8 km further.

Nun dreht sich alles um die Frage: Ist sie ein landschaftsprägendes Denkmal?

Read the full article in German here.

The visual impact of wind farms on cultural heritage is a frequent issue in public and academic discussions. Read a scholarly research paper with Norwegian case study by Gro Jerpasen and Kari Larsen here.


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