GERMANY – 6-8 November, “European Trade Fair for Conservation” and FRH

GERMANY – 6-8 November, “European Trade Fair for Conservation” and FRH

From 6 to 8 November 2014, the European Trade Fair for Conservation, Restoration and Old Building Renovation will take place in Leipzig. The special focus will be “Historic Facades – Stucco. Plaster. Paint”.

The results of FRH’s international conference, which takes place in Halle between October 29 and November 1st, will be presented at the fair on Friday 7 November, 14:45-15:10, in Hall 2, IF14.

Find the press release below or read more about the Fair on the web site.

“Denkmal will be held for the 11th time on 6 to 8 November 2014 in Leipzig as the top European meeting point for the conservation, restoration and old building renovation industry. This unique trade fair features an interdisciplinary mix of exhibitors along with a top quality programme of events and features, including the 2014 special focus topic “Historic Facades – Stucco.Plaster.Paint.”. denkmal Project Director Kersten Bunke-Njengué comments, “We’re addressing a topic that is relevant throughout Europe and providing our trade fair visitors with the right platform for information and discussion”. Exhibitors can begin registering right away. Those registered by March 31st, 2014 additionally receive our Early-Bird Discount.

Since its premiere in 1994, the denkmal European Trade Fair for Conservation, Restoration and Old Building Renovation has been held every two years as the most important get-together for the interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge within our industry. The denkmal trade fair is distinguished by the outstanding quality of the products and services on offer, its vitality and the sophistication of its internationally-orientated events programme. denkmal covers topics such as skilled crafts for building conservation and restoration, construction and renovation materials, preservation and restoration materials, products and services from the segments preservation and repair, old building renovation, preservation and restoration of art and movable heritage, reconstruction, documentation and inventorying.

denkmal is under the patronage of UNESCO. As the leading European trade fair in this industry, denkmal is targeted at decision-makers, architects, planners, skilled labourers, historic conservation public authorities, conservators, owners of historic buildings, investors, private, communal and ecclesiastical contractors, historic conservation volunteers, interested private individuals and lovers of art and culture.

Central focus topic: “Historic Facades – Stucco.Plaster.Paint.”

Facades play a large role in determining the character of a building. They are its face and its protective shell at the same time. The gap between functionality and aesthetics represents a major challenge for historic conservation and old building renovation today.

denkmal Project Director Kersten Bunke-Njengué elaborates, “Numerous dimensions can be observed simultaneously with the special focus topic for the 2014 denkmal. For example, in addition to the restoration in and of itself, which returns the building to its former glory, the subject of the energy-related renovation of such buildings also plays a role here. There are other factors also on the agenda such as which stucco mortar to use, various plasters and paints and how to use them properly”.

This central focus topic is very multifaceted, making it ideal for the interdisciplinary character of denkmal as the industry’s leading European trade fair. This special topic will also receive an even greater focus in 2014 because it will be present in individual specialist sections of the exhibition and in the events programme. For instance, painters and plasterers will demonstrate their skills in designing and restoring historic facades, while numerous exhibitors will present the corresponding materials and tools.

The special FORUM “Historic Facades – Stucco.Plaster.Paint.” will provide daily lectures and presentations directly in the trade fair hall on current trends and developments.

Simultaneous with denkmal: The Lehmbau and MUTEC trade fairs enhance the overall range of goods and services on offer

Construction methods that are environmentally-friendly and save on resources are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Like no other building material, earth and clay fulfil today’s ecological and economic requirements. This building material is enjoying a revival in popularity. This is because it is available in virtually unlimited quantity and features special properties. For instance, earth is a particularly good insulation material, since it can store heat.

denkmal 2014 will again run simultaneously with the MUTEC International Trade Fair for Museum and Exhibition Technology. This trade fair is aimed at operators of museums, collections and exhibition houses, foundations, associations and cultural facilities, as well as conservators, architecture firms and consultancy operations. MUTEC’s central trade fair topics are museum construction, museum technology and equipment, visitor service, media presentation, museum infrastructure, conservation, restoration and museum management.”

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