FRH Torch starts its journey to revive European religious heritage

FRH Torch starts its journey to revive European religious heritage

On Monday 8th January 2018 in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, as part of the celebrations of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, Future for Religious Heritage (FRH) officially launched the Torch of Heritage and Culture – an initiative in conjunction with the EYCH Pillar for Sustainability, which highlights two initiatives: Heritage in transition and Tourism and heritage, aimed at promoting tourism and improving sustainability around cultural and religious heritage.

Inspired by the Olympic Flame in Athens, the Torch Initiative will raise awareness about the importance of Europe’s rich culture and religious heritage, bringing together diverse community groups with different cultures, traditions and languages in a unified and coordinated action to foster unity while celebrating Europe’s diversity.

Following the launch ceremony on Monday, the FRH Torch will now travel through Europe in the form of a treasure box to collect stories and messages from European citizens, prominent artists, musicians and politicians.


During the launch event, FRH’s Council Secretary Lilian Grootswagers shared the official video of the Torch Initiative and lit the treasure box with some of the first stories to revive the legacy of our European heritage.

Amongst the first contributors to add their inspirational stories in Leeuwarden were the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Province of Friesland Johannes Kramer, the scientist, Todd Weir, University of Groningen, the Reverend Edna Zwerver, and the Syrian refugee Anas Hannoun.

In his personal reflection on the importance of Europe’s religious heritage Mr Kramer said: “Religious heritage is the place where community and religion intersect, where time meets place and where individual persons come into contact with a higher power.

“Every generation creates its own stories as well as its own monuments. To retain and preserve the wealth of all these stories, is a task for us all.”

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