FRH Torch of Heritage and Culture lit again at the European Landscape Forum

FRH Torch of Heritage and Culture lit again at the European Landscape Forum

The FRH Torch, a memory treasure box carrying personal stories related to religious heritage, is continuing its journey around Europe. Part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the FRH Torch is a unique opportunity to involve people more closely with religious heritage.

After its successful launch in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, last month, the FRH Torch was hosted in Aschaffenburg, Germany, where it collected stories from six new contributors at the European Landscape Forum organised by CIVILSCAPE on 23-26 February.

On Saturday, 24 February at 9:30 am, the FRH Torch was lit again and new contributions were added to the ever-expanding collection of memories. We are proud to announce that among the contributors were Mr. Winfried Bausback, State Minister of Justice of Bavaria; Dr. Inge Gotzmann, President of CIVILSCAPE and Director of Bund Heimat und Umwelt (BHU); Ms. Andrea Lindholz, Member of the German Parliament; Dr. Martin Kares, musicologist, consultant for musical instruments, Karlsruhe; Dr. Gerhard Ermischer, President of the Archäologisches Spessartprojekt (ASP); and Mr. Dirk Gotzmann, Director of CIVILSCAPE. We are truly delighted that they decided to join the initiative. The letters will soon be available for perusal on

As of today, it is also possible to contribute with a letter via the FRH Torch website ( All those interested in the initiative are invited to send their memory to FRH. As stated by Professor Michael Dower, co-author of the European Landscape Convention, who spontaneously decided to contribute to the Torch at the Forum, […] the rich and diverse heritage of religious buildings, lands, artifacts, traditions and stories which are rooted in Europe […] contribute enormously to the character of landscapes and of communities in Europe, to local diversity and communal pride, and to the unifying consciousness of this continent.

Download the PRESS RELEASE here.

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