The FRH Torch of Culture and Heritage continues its journey!

The FRH Torch of Culture and Heritage continues its journey!

After its successful launch in Leeuwarden last month, the FRH Torch is on its way to Aschaffenburg, Germany, where it will be hosted at the European Landscape Forum organised by CIVILSCAPE on 23-26 February.

On Saturday, 24 February at 9:30 am, the FRH Torch will be lit again and new contributions will be added to the ever-expanding collection of stories.

The European Landscape Forum will open the European Decade of Cultural Landscape, as well as mark the 10-year anniversary of CIVILSCAPE. It will feature a conference, CIVILSCAPE General Assembly, projects fair, information for funding opportunities, meeting of the task forces, a trip to Spessart, a famous upland region, as well as a guided city tour of Aschaffenburg.

Learn more about the conference.
Consult the programme.


The FRH Torch is a memory treasure box, containing personal, often handwritten letters from prominent members of the international community but also from European citizens themselves. These letters, contributed during an official Torch ceremony held at various events all over Europe, describe personal memories and stories relating to religious heritage.


Some [churches] are still in service as a House of God but some also serve as galleries, theatres, shops, houses or are simply empty. They will, however, always be buildings full of stories. Religious stories, part of religious heritage, but also stories about big or small happenings in the community that are told again and again. by Peter de Haan, chairman, Church of Huizum in Leeuwarden

Who can contribute? Everyone! FRH has invited prominent politicians, artists, scientists, spiritual leaders, as well as European citizens and refugees, to participate in this initiative. Among the first contributors were the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Province of Friesland Johannes Kramer, Professor Todd Weir, University of Groningen, Reverend Edna Zwerver and Anas Hannoun, musician and Syrian refugee.

We welcome all contributors. Every memory is equally important, as they all add up to the sense of community built around religious heritage. We would be very happy to receive your story, too! You can reach us at

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