FRH Photo Competition 2023: winner and finalists announced!

FRH Photo Competition 2023: winner and finalists announced!

Brussels, 15 December 2023 – The FRH Photo Competition is an annual contest to showcase the beauty of religious buildings, the diversity of religious traditions and how  people around the world live and enjoy this wonderful heritage. Every year this competition selects the 9 best photographs of religious heritage worldwide. 

The latest edition ran for six months from June to November and received over 2,000 entries from 114 countries from Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe made by amateur and professional photographers. After much deliberation, the photo competition jury chose on 7 December the finalists and the overall winner.

Their photographs will be featured across Europe for the public to enjoy a visual tour of religious buildings, traditions and artefacts. Finally, the photographers will be honoured during the award ceremony that will take place at the 2024 FRH Conference (22-24 September in Krakow, Poland).

Meet the winner and finalists

Mabel Cedrón (Spain) was selected as the overall winner of the 2023 edition for a stunning photograph of the ceiling of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The technique demonstrated by the photographer in this image captivated the judges who highlighted the perfect geometry, lighting and harmony of all the photographed elements. 

The eight finalists selected by the jury for the exceptional quality and powerful message of their photographs are: Ly Hoang Long (Vietnam), Andrés Marín (Spain) and Natalia Herzen (Russia), in the category of Artefacts; Stéphane de Rouville (France), Mouneb Taim (Syria) and Soufiane Belhani (Algeria) in the category of People and Events; and Mohammad Amin Abedini (Iran) and Francisco Ortega (Spain) in the category of Religious Buildings.

Find more about the photographers and their photographs in our Competition booklet. (Download it here)

See the selected photographs here:

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