FRH at the European Heritage Label Award Ceremony and 10th Anniversary Forum

FRH at the European Heritage Label Award Ceremony and 10th Anniversary Forum

The European Commission awarded the European Heritage Label to 12 new sites at a gala event attended by the EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriel that took place in Brussels on 13 June. This relatively young but already prestigious recognition is awarded every two years to cultural, natural or historical heritage sites which represent and promote European values or which have played a significant role in European history and culture over time.

The European Heritage label was awarded to the following sites:

This latest edition of the European Heritage Label brings to 60 the number of sites bearing this recognition. All the sites can be found on this interactive map.

Among the winners of 2021 there are two religious sites: the Medieval wall painting in Gemer and Malohont Regions in Slovakia, and the Echternach Saint Willibrord Heritage in Luxembourg.

The medieval wall paintings in Germer and Malohont consist of 12 medieval churches with Italian-style fresco paintings in these Slovak regions which constitute a national thematic site. These marvellous artistic expressions were created during the boom of gold, silver, copper and iron in Slovakia, which at that time was under the rule of the kingdom of Hungary. Two of the paintings were created by Italian masters, and the rest by local masters, demonstrating the development of a pan-European artistic movement. Besides buildings of noble families, this artistic movement also reached rural churches.

The Echternach Saint Willibrord Heritage comprises a collection of tangible and intangible heritage linked to the figure of the monk Saint Willibrord in the Luxembourg town of Echternach. This heritage includes the Basilica and its Crypt, the former monastery houses and today’s Abbey museum. In addition, there is the Echternach´s Hopping Procession, which brings together thousands of pilgrims and non-believers from across Luxembourg and neighboring countries. The significance of Willibrord’s life and travels transcends the borders of Luxembourg and takes on a European significance since he played a crucial role in the unification of medieval Europe.

FRH as expert guest at the 10th Anniversary Forum

Following the Award Ceremony, FRH participated as an expert guest in the 10th Anniversary Forum to help shape the future of this European recognition. The forum started with an opening session to present the current status of the programme and the latest developments. It was followed by a series of workshops led by various cultural heritage organisations and attended by representatives from the world of culture, heritage and civil society.

FRH was one of the invited experts to lead the Workshop “Europe’s Roots: Archaeological, Religious, Military sites” along with the Greek organisation DIADRASIS and EFFORTS Europe. Throughout this session, participants made a number of recommendations, which were then presented to the European Commission, to broaden the scope of the programme, provide support and development opportunities to the sites and facilitate collaborations within the network to further promote the European values represented by each of these sites.

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