Forum on Museums and Religion

Forum on Museums and Religion

The Forum on Museums and Religion is a public platform created in 2012 within the department of Museum studies at the ‘Istituto Lorenzo de Medici’ in Florence, Italy.

The Forum on Museums and Religion is composed by a scientific committee of seven members, whose main goal is to encourage dialogue between museum professionals and religious authorities about religious heritage and religious objects in museums all around the world.

In this regard, the Forum has organised conferences with corresponding edited volumes (in English and Italian) titled, ‘Churches, Temples, Mosques. Places of Worship or Museum?’ (2012), ‘Sacred Objects in Sacred Collections’ (2014), ‘Sacred Art and the Museum Exhibition’ (2015), and ‘Religion in Museum Education’ (2018).

The Forum is currently working on organising a conference in 2020 titled; ‘Ritual, Prayer, and Sacred Space in Museums’, while also planning a future event focusing on intangible religious heritage in museum contexts.

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