Faro Convention – FRH attended First Seminar in Madrid

Faro Convention – FRH attended First Seminar in Madrid

The Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society (Faro Convention) was adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 13 October 2005, and entered into force on 1 June 2011. To date, 17 member States of the Council of Europe have ratified the Convention and five have signed it.

On 13-14 December 2018, FRH attended the first seminar of the joint EU-Council of Europe project “The Faro Way: enhanced participation in cultural heritage”.

The Faro Convention highlights three main aspects:

  • The shared rights and responsibilities towards cultural heritage within an integrated strategy approach;
  • The role of cultural heritage as a resource for building more democratic societies and improving the living environment and the quality of life;
  • The links between heritage rights and human rights: every person has a right to engage with the cultural heritage of their choice, while respecting the rights and freedoms of others.

The seminar had the following objectives:

  • to provide participants with detailed information on the implications of signing, ratifying and implementing the Faro Convention;
  • to offer examples of good practices and the added value of signing, ratifying and implementing the Convention;
  • to discuss the adjustment of the role of national authorities in the process of increasing civil society participation in cultural heritage governance.

The seminar included the participation of representatives from the European Commission, Council of Europe, Spanish Ministry of Culture, Portuguese Ministry of Culture, Faro Convention Network, Academia, and Voices of Culture partners.

More information on the Faro Convention: HERE

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