EUROPE – “Act now or risk missing out”, warns report

EUROPE – “Act now or risk missing out”, warns report

A European Commission inquiry finds that economic benefits will stem from cultural diplomacy, but current weaknesses need to be addressed.

A new report by the European Commission, ‘Preparatory Action: Culture in EU External Relations’, was launched earlier this week. The report, which summarizes findings of a 16-month inquiry in 54 countries, confirms high levels of interest across the world in engaging culturally with Europe, while also pointing out weaknesses. The report warns that Europe’s international cultural strategy needs to speak to young people, and that small scale and local cultural entrepreneurship should be promoted to counteract the impact of globalization and social transformation, which are seen as placing power in “the hands of massive trans-national conglomerates, as well as in a small number of privileged cities and regions”.

Recommendations on how to increase the impact of Europe’s cultural diplomacy include pooling the resources of cultural organisations and Member States; facilitating exchange of experience and best practices between cultural stakeholders from different countries; and empowering local cultural stakeholders by facilitating cooperation with cultural organisations and foundations. 

FRH is pleased to note that these recommendations bear resemblance to our aims of sharing expertise and experience, facilitating cooperation and providing a communication platform for all those involved with historic places of worship.

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