EU council meeting on religious heritage and intercultural dialogue

EU council meeting on religious heritage and intercultural dialogue

From the web site of Azernews:

Council of Europe exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue took place in Baku on September 1-2. The event continued with panel discussions on September 2.

The panel session on “The contribution of cultural heritage of a religious nature to intercultural dialogue and to the respect of the universal values defended by the Council of Europe” was held within the exchange meeting.

At the panel meeting held under moderating of President of the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe Jean-Marie Heydt, the issue of impact of the religious heritage to the intercultural dialogue was discussed.

Professor of theology at the Aristotelian University of Greece Angeliki Ziaka and UNESCO Representative in Uzbekistan Krista Pikkat delivered some reports during the meeting.


It was noted that proposals in order to preserve and promote cultural heritage through the concept of the Member States of the Council of Europe have already been put forth. Member States undertaking the exchange of experience in the relevant field and joining the youth in this study are important factors.

UNESCO’s position related to the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage was also brought to the attention of the participants of the meeting. The participants noted the importance of the participation of people in the preservation of the global world. If to take into account the national and spiritual values ​​of the peoples, particularly their religious freedom, they may intensify their efforts in maintaining global peace.


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