Francisco Javier Gómez Ruiz, Mayor of Potes, Spain

Francisco Javier Gómez Ruiz, Mayor of Potes, Spain

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For any person of Liébana, it does not matter if we are far or near, when May approaches, there is a date marked on our calendar, on May 2, the day of La Santuca, patron saint of Liébana. As a lover of my land, I am no less.

My first memories of childhood are those going hand in hand with my parents and brothers to wait for the Santuca to Roscabao place. My memories of youth lead me to go looking for Her at dawn to Aniezo village … it was a day of “Fiesta”.

Over the years and the absence of people so dear to me, that day is full of emotions and memories.

In my role as mayor, it is a pride to receive the Santuca and escort her as she passes through my town, Potes.

But perhaps there are some unforgettable moments in my memory … the first time that as mayor I received the Santuca in Ojedo, accompanied by neighbors, friends and with Fonso always present in my memory. The indelible memory of my parents, who always accompanies me on that holiday; the stop of the procession in the elderly home and the emotional tears that appear in the eyes of our elders.

The first day that I, taking the hand of my daughter María, received the Santuca in Ojedo, trying to transmit to her everything the Santuca means to me.

The emotion that overwhelms me year after year, while I can see her banners in the distance, when I see the Virgin adorned with her cherries. The pride I feel when I crash the baton and carry the Virgin’s platform on my shoulders, representing my neighbors with the touching memory of those who are no longer with me, are unforgettable memories in my memory.

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