UK Church of England Research & Statistics

UK Church of England Research & Statistics

The latest edition of the Church Statistics 2010/11 continues to expand measures of participation and affiliation collected by Church of England dioceses, parishes and cathedrals.

2010/11 Headline Statistics:

85% of people in Britain visit a church in any one year for many reasons apart from services of worship. Weddings, funerals, school services, concerts and special events attract people to these centres of community life.

There are 16,000 Church of England church buildings across England, 9,000 of which are rural and 7,000 are in urban areas. 45% of all grade 1 listed buildings are Church of England parish churches (this is the highest grade of legal protection for heritage buildings in England).

65% of the British population regard themselves as Christian. In 900 Church of England parishes more than 10% of residents are from other faith communities. In 80% of these the church buildings are used by other faiths.

More people do unpaid work for churches than for any other organisation. Churchgoers contribute 23.2 million hours each month outside their local church to the local community.

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