Chorus Venezia

Chorus Venezia


 The goal of Chorus Venezia is to contribute to the safeguarding, conserving, restoring and glorifying of the architectural and artistic heritage of the churches in Venice and elsewhere in its diocese. In order to do this, it provides adequate care and supervision “guaranteeing the integrity of the artistic and historical heritage they contain” by equipping them with everything required to promote the worshippers and visitors knowledge on the churches.  Chorus Venezia also intends to contribute to the development of studying the history of the heritages, involving all those who care about its safeguarding. Finally, Chorus Venezia intends to inform, with the maximum transparency, those who help the association on how the funds collected are used.



“Chorus Culture” was created to promote the cultural aspect of the Chorus Association, for a number of years it has protected, conserved, restored and enhanced the unique city of Venice. Chorus Culture promotes keynotes, conferences, debates, and a complex series of initiatives to raise awareness and knowledge on an interdisciplinary and multilevel. Chorus Culture has become a reference point for all those with an active intellectual curiosity who want to accompany this growth process.


Since the beginning, Chorus Venezia has considered its mission as a service entirely to promote the artistic patrimony of the Venetian Churches and their content. In particular, a clear need has been recognized to invest in the maintenance and restoration to render the participating churches perfectly usable and open to the public. Substantial investments have been made not only to ease and encourage visits to the churches but also for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations that have involved investments of several hundred thousands of euro from over a span of five years.

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