Chorus Venezia

Chorus Venezia

Chorus intends to contribute to the safeguarding, conservation, restoration and valorisation of the architectural and artistic heritage of the churches in Venice, along with their contents. In order to do this, it provides adequate care and supervision guaranteeing the integrity of the artistic and historical heritage they contain by equipping them with everything required to share knowledge with worshippers and visitors alike. They work with a total amount of 17 churches in Venice and the surroundings.

Chorus has recognised the need to invest in the maintenance and restoration of buildings in order to render them usable and open to the public. In this regard, it has funded maintenance and restoration operations.  One of them being at the Church of Madonna Dell’orto, where they prepared and installed a treasury room. The main goal of this treasury room  is to safeguard and maintain, religious treasures. Among these precious objects, a rare silver filigree reliquary and a set of vestments from the eighteenth century are of particular value. It is the first operation of its kind to be carried out in one of the association’s churches, soon to be followed by the Churches of Saint Stefano and Redentore.

The organisation also worked in the restoration of a series of paintings on the sacristy wall in Saint Sebastian church, including the frames and wooden  altar frontals.

They also organise conferences, debates and tours  in order to raise awareness and knowledge on these religious heritage sites. Among the tours, they organise a tour to the Music Museum of Venice, which is located in the San Maurizio Church. This church is one of the hosts of the Antonio Vivaldi exposition where visitors can find a collection that  covers a time span of 300 years of Italian violin making and includes splendid examples of the different regional schools.

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