Building Crafts and Conservation Foundation

Building Crafts and Conservation Foundation


The Building Crafts and Conservation Foundation was started in 2014, becoming a charitable foundation in 2018. It was founded because it was obvious from all the data about the historic environment and crafts skills in England, that there was a very real shortage of skilled craftspeople to maintain the rich and important heritage to be found in both secular and ecclesiastical buildings in the UK.    With their partners, a degree course is being developed which is both academic and practical (a first in the country) to train more craftspeople. Together with the degree course, there is a range of other training courses, day, weekend and longer for the general public to learn new skills and be able to work in their communities.



BCCF is working towards setting up a Heritage Skills Centre in West Norfolk, within easy travelling distance of King’s Lynn. This Centre will be developed to provide workshops, education spaces, exhibition spaces and offices together with outdoor work areas, all of which will allow both practical skills and academic knowledge of the UK’s built heritage to be developed. Daily, weekly, evening and weekend courses take place here for those on a variety of educational frameworks and also for the general public.


BCCF aims to provide educational and experience opportunities at all levels.  They offer General interest courses for those owning heritage properties.  There are also courses for those simply wishing to develop their own skills and knowledge.  There are access courses for those wanting to return to education and opportunities for those hoping to change their career direction and continuing professional development courses for those already in the Industry.  There is also a wide range of material/skill-specific courses.

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