Books: Church Interiors in the Netherlands

Books: Church Interiors in the Netherlands

FRH member Museum Catharijneconvent published the book “Church Interiors in the Netherlands”. This publication unveils 100 extraordinary Dutch church interiors.

Church of St. Hippolytus in the North of the Netherlands (Middelstum). A medieval church with a splendid eighteenth century interior ensemble. Photography: Arjan Bronkhorst

Co-Author and FRH Council member Marc de Beyer said: “Dutch church interiors are unknown to many of us. However, their richness is overwhelming. This book is a journey through 1000 years of history, a journey through magnificent Calvinist and Catholic churches and Jewish synagogues”.

This book was written in collaboration with  the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the Dutch Churches and with other heritage institutions.

On 20 June the first copy was presented to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Mrs Jett Bussemaker, and to the Dutch Churches representives.

52 authors contributed to the book. All pictures were taken by Arjan Bronkhorst.

This unique book reflects the greatness of  this beautiful and unknown Heritage.

Learn more (only in Dutch)

Thomas church in Amsterdam, a Calvinist church from 1966. Several details of the interior refer to the Bible book Exodus. Photography: Arjan Bronkhorst.

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