Belgium – Exhibition: “Mosques in Flanders”

Belgium – Exhibition: “Mosques in Flanders”

MANAvzw and Kadoc present the exhibition “Mosques in Flanders” with photos of Ghent photographer of Turkish origin, Abdul-Vahit Duman.

Mosques conjure up images of lush and exotic buildings with domes, minarets and Arabic inscriptions in calligraphy. For Flanders this is only partially true. Of the nearly 200 mosques, there are only a handful that resemble the mosques as we know from pictures. The vast majority are ‘hidden mosques’, barely visible and recognizable as such.

Abdul-Vahit Duman, Ghent photographer of Turkish origin, brings the diversity of mosques in Flanders to light: the beauty of new mosques and the architectural ‘creativity’ of hiding mosques, but also the surprising interiors and prayer rooms. In short, a view of a still little known Flemish reality.

KADOC Vlamingenstraat 39 Leuven
Vernissage: Thursday 24 | 01 | 2013 at 20
The exhibition runs from 24 January to 29 March

via Abdul-Vahit Duman Duman Photography Photography Abdul-Vahit | is the portfolio site for photographer Abdul-Vahit Duman.

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