Asociación Amigos del Románico

Asociación Amigos del Románico

Amigos del Románico ( AdR ) was founded in 2004 thanks to the contribution of five people who had been individually sharing their knowledge of Romanesque heritage through publications and web pages of their own creation. The idea then formed to found an association, which today has established itself as a cornerstone in the protection, knowledge, and dissemination of Romanesque heritage. Their main goal is to safeguard and protect Romanesque art across Spain.  Their main work focuses on the restoration and preservation of Romanesque buildings.  In addition to this, they are very active in several conferences and forums where they can share their expertise.


  • Currently working on the restoration and recovery of various churches across Spain.
  • Organization of Romanesque day
  • Participation in Forums
  • SOS Romanesque

In SOS Romanesque, they inform the public about situations of abandonment and destruction of our Romanesque heritage. Amigos del Románico believes it is evident that institutions, both public and private, are not as aware of this issue as their partners and supporters. For this reason, Amigos del Románico fight incessantly to protect, care for and restore our rich heritage.
They try, to the extent of their possibilities, to inform the public administrations and private interests about the dangers facing the legacy of our ancestors. Amigos del Romancio believes that if they do nothing, our children and grandchildren will live in a world without a past.

Currently, in addition to calling attention to monuments in decay, Amigos del Románico has begun to finance restorations that, although small in scale, are important pieces of Romanesque heritage. Examples of these are the capital of the satire of Jaca or the Crismón of Labastida.

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