FRANCE – Chapelles&Co infusing new life into the chapels of Lille

Since 2011, Chapelles&Co, an association founded by Thomas Sanchez, is working to organize support for the chapels, niches and other types of small religious heritage edifices in the Lille metropolitan area.

Chapelles&Co assigns a volunteering ‘godfather’ to each chapel, who can animate it as he or she chooses, lighting candles, organizing processions, or exhibiting art works. Most of the chapels in their care are private property; the proprietors give Chapelles&Co the keys and the responsibility for the chapel’s conservation. The organisation also sets up events, both religious and non-religious, to heighten the visibility of the religious heritage in their care.

The project is growing fast: other cities would like to hand their chapels over to the good care of Chapelles&Co; and the many new plans of the organisation include setting up walking trails, a website and a cooperation with contemporary artists.

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