CZECH REPUBLIC Exhibition – "St Agness of Bohemia – Princess and Nun"

Klaster sv. Anezky Ceske, Praha Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, Prague

Sv. Anežka Česká – princezna a řeholnice 5.11.2011 – 25.03.2012

The unique exhibition prepared by Archbishopric of Prague and the National Gallery organised to mark the 800th birth anniversary (1211 -2011) of Agnes of Bohemia.  The exhibition is held in the authentic monastery of Poor Clares and the Franciscan founded by St Agnes and her brother king Wenceslas I. Premysl. More than 180 objects (among them the unique and the only portrait of the St. Agnes) show her life and legacy from the gothic period up to the 20 century.
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